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Prefab Refractory Wall Replacement

Prefab firebox with cracked refractory panels.

Prefab firebox

Close up of cracked backwall. 

Note the deterioration of the floor panel as well.

Close up of backwall and deteriorated floor panel

Prefab firebox with refractories removed.

Note the heat scorch marks on the metal sides and floor.  The box is not warped, and fortunately in this case the marks do not represent any issues.

Prefab fireplace with panels removed

These are the sidewalls and backwall that were removed from the firebox.

Sidewalls and backwall removed

The panels shown here are roughly " to 1" thick.

Sidewalls and backwall removed

Firebox with new backwall and floor panel installed.  The floor panel is roughly 1" thick.

Backwall and floor panel installed

This is the firebox with all new refractory panels.

Firebox with new panels installed

  After the new panels are installed, the fireplace cannot be used for 24 hours so that they can reach room temperature.

Then, you must have at least 6 small kindling fires in order to cure (harden) the new panels, or they will crack prematurely.

  Recommended replacement of the panels is if the cracks are the thickness of a nickel or more.  These panels were not only cracked, but also the outer material was separating and coming off.

Many of the manufacturers will no longer sell just the individual panels, and now require you to buy the entire set of panels--even if only one panel is cracked.

Only use parts that have been provided by or approved by the manufacturer.  Generic refractories that need to be cut to the proper size will not carry a listing from your fireplace manufacturer and will likely cause you to assume all liability of any problem develops.


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